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Teaching/research Lab

  1. Solid mechanics and material science :
    Laboratories on fatigue, creeping, mechanics, vibration, welding, composite moulding, and etc.
  2. Energy engineering and fluid mechanics :
    Laboratories on fluid mechanics, heat Transfer, internal combustion engine, computational fluid mechanics, laser measurement, and etc.
  3. Mechatronics and control :
    Laboratories on automatic control, microprocessor, nonlinear control, electro-mechanics, mechatronics, automation, and etc.
  4. Design and manufacturing :
    Laboratories on precision measurement, precision machining, mechanism, CAD/CAM, and etc.
  5. Nano/Micro system :
    Laboratories on MEMS, Nano Frabrication, and etc.



    A computer facilities are available for usage in course work and research in the Computer Aided Design Laboratory. There are 32 bits PC's. The following work stations are available: Tektronics XD 88/3037 work station, Micro VAX-2000 system, the individual devices are linked with Ether Net to establish a computer network.

    The Marine Engines Work Shop provides facilities for studying the function of machineries in the engine room of a merchant ship. The facilities include a Diesel Engine Propulsion System Simulator, an Auxiliary Machines Auto-Control Simulator, various diesel engines, various diesel generators, pure water generator, steam turbine experimental apparatus, mechano-electrical experiment apparatus, etc.

    Automatic Control Laboratory has facilities such as RHINOXR-3 mechanical arm, SUPER-MINIC auto-control system, XANALDG system simulator, SUPER-VEXTA controller, micro-computer programmable sequence controller, analog and digital controller, etc.

    Electro-Mechanical Laboratory facilities are designed for analytical and experimental studies of a broad range of electro-mechanical devices.

    Experimental equipments include combinatorial electrical apparatus, logic network system, micro-computer controlled DC, AC servo motors experimental apparatus, various switches and relays, etc.

    Thermal Engineering Laboratory facilities include flash point testing device, viscosimeter, foru-stroke transparent engine, refrigeration and air-conditioning experimental apparatus, heat-value testing device, heat exchanger, thermal conductivity measuring device, heat convection experimental apparatus, etc.

    Strength of Materials Laboratory is equipped with MIS-810.22 10-ton, Fatique machine, TIG Arc. Welding, Composite Moulding, Metal Cutting Testing machine, etc.

    Vibration Laboratory is equipped with AD3525 FFT analyzer, Dytran impact testing kit, shakerand amplifier, accelerometors, load cells, strain gages, displacement meters, amplifiers, SMS star modal analysis system, etc.

    Fluid Mechanics Laboratory has the Floolwing major facilities: 10 Hp Subsonic wind tunnel, mini-sized water tunnel, fluidized bed, three - dimensional Particle Image Velocimetry, fiber - optics coupled laser Doppler Velocimetry, hot -wire anenometry, holographic syotem, 4w argon - ion laser, laser liget sheet generator, Smolce generator, multi-dimension pitot tube, etc.